Purple Emergency Contact Magnetic Sign For Children And Elderly By DCM Solutions (10.5" H x 9" W)

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Product Description

  • Save Time During Emergencies - Have All Information Readily Available For Any Situation
  • High Quality - High Grade Ink And Materials For Enhanced Durability
  • Manufactured In The USA
  • Laminated - Update Information With Ease
  • Available In 10.5" H x 9" W And 9 Different Colors

Have peace of mind knowing that, in an emergency, there will be no question who to call. Our Emergency Contact Magnetic Sign is great for caretakers for elderly and young children. Perfect for baby sitters, pet sitters, first time college students, house sitters, elder care workers, and first responders. Available in 9 different colors. Our high quality products are made in the USA by US Sourced Materials and are perfect to attach to a refrigerator or metal door/door frame.